Pony Games: regolamento IMGA

manuale IMGA 2017

Pony Games: è disponibile il regolamento IMGA (International Mounted Games Association)!

This 2017 version of the Rule Book includes all rule changes adopted by the Rules Committee of the International Mounted Games Association. It replaces all previous editions, being valid from the beginning of 2017. These are the playing rules for Mounted Games, applicable at all competitions, in all countries, at all times.

La versione 2017 del Manuale include tutte le modifiche alle regole adottate dalla commissione per il regolamento dell’ IMGA. Sostituisce tutte le edizioni precedenti, essendo valida a partire dall’inizio del 2017. Queste sono le regole di gioco per i Mounted Games, applicabili a tutte le competizioni, in tutti i paesi, in ogni momento.


I capitoli del manuale:

Introduction to the 2017 Rule Book
General Rules
Competition Rules
Arena Officials and Procedures
All Games
Team Games
Pairs Games
Individual Games
Specification of Equipment
Conversion Charts
Rule Changes


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